Strange Watch
Styles for Android Wear

Strange Watch is a brand of utility apps and customisable watch face styles for Android™ Wear watches, and a project to explore their potential for fashion and practicality. People have questioned the purpose of smart watches ever since their introduction to the world not long ago, and the answers have been left to our imaginations.

Strange Watch

Strange Watch ION
Energy Monitor for Android Wear

Keep tabs on your watch battery performance with drain rate monitoring, low-battery warnings and life span predictions. See detailed live statistics on your handheld and wearable displays to track performance over time, and always know way in advance how long your battery will last with smart notifications. You’ll never go a day without your watch again.

Strange Watch ION

Strange Watch Cola
Disable Ambient Mode

Let the vibrant colours of your Android wear smart watch show and stand out from the crowd with Strange Watch Cola: a lightweight smart watch watch utility which gives you the freedom to turn off ambient mode on your device temporarily or indefinitely. However, this will greatly impact your battery drain and should be used in moderation! Use with Strange Watch ION: Energy Monitor to keep track of your battery life and avoid excessive battery drain.

Strange Watch Cola

Series app
Strange Watch Catalog
Japanese Infinity Study Suite

An idea begins as a seed, and if well nurtured, it will grow into a tree with many branches. As these ideas come to fruition, they inspire new ideas through your experiences. These new ideas bring forth even more ideas, all interconnected with one another. When placed together, they represent your greater vision. Series is an app to bring your creative works together in one place.

Strange Watch
Strange Watch
Japanese Infinity
Strange Watch

Luna Vocabulary Teacher

Luna is designed to supplement a language teacher by giving you a series of vocabulary words in more than 20 languages. Learn the pronunciation of new words, get daily notifications, and take quizzes to improve your skills.

Luna Vocabulary Teacher on Google Play

Gaia Multilingual Phrasebook

Your travel buddy, for every country. Explore new worlds and meet new people in their own language with Gaia, a must have app for any avid traveler! Gaia is chock full of everyday phrases in 30 different languages.

Gaia Multilingual Phrasebook on Google Play

JLPT Vocabulary Teacher

Ever thought that you would be able to learn, understand and communicate in Japanese language, and that even without any supervision? With JLPT Vocabulary teacher, your problems come to an end; now you can explore this part of the world without the fear of getting trapped in the language barrier. Increase your vocabulary, memorize new words, participate in various quizzes so that you master the language in no time.

JLPT Vocabulary Teacher on Google Play

Japanese Verb Conjugation

If mastering Japanese language is what you have always aimed for, download this app right away and explore the whole new world of Japanese verb conjugation. With more than 1400 verbs from various levels of Japanese language proficiency tests, you will be able to learn beyond limits. Nonetheless, you can learn proper pronunciations and experience the verb forms (gerund (te), passive, provisional, conditional, indicative, potential and progressive).

Japanese Verb Conjugation on Google Play

Japanese Phrases

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” that’s how to greet someone in Japanese; Don’t be scared, you can do the same by learning and mastering the language through this magical app. With accurate grammar and phrases, you can access the largest database and speak like a native. You can repeat, practice and learn on your pace by listening to the pronunciations and that even in 30 different languages; the app actually waves off the language barriers for everyone.

Japanese Phrases on Google Play

JLPT Kanji Teacher

This app is ideally designed for all those who have the urge to learn and understand Japanese and that even with proper knowledge from the roots. The app specifically focuses and facilitates in understanding “kanji” (Chinese characters that have multiple meanings and pronunciations). You can appear for the quizzes, learn and explore the widest collection of words and phrases, and get notifications to make your learning experience even more comprehensive.

JLPT Kanji Teacher on Google Play